Loan Process

At Trusted Loan Corps, We understand that time is money. We move as fast as you do, and can close your loan deal within 10 days of receipt of a complete application package.

As a local lender, our goal is to develop a personal and trusting relationship with you as a borrower. You can expect Trusted Loan Corps to be highly responsive to your needs and work hard to develop a long-term lending relationship – one in which the value we provide goes beyond just a lender. Our hope is that we will become a trusted advisor and key player in your success as an investor or borrower of any kind.

The foundation for this relationship begins at the loan application stage. Our goal is never to make you jump through hoops to obtain a loan approval. We will only ask for what is needed to make a wise lending decision for both you and for Trusted Loan Corps. Please know that our ability to fund your deals quickly and efficiently relies on your complete submission of a loan application package.

Step 1: Loan Application

  1. Complete the Online Pre- Approval Application Form.
  2. Provide supporting documentation.
    • Business Plan (if any)
    • Rehab budget (if applying for an investor rehab loan).
    • Bank statements documenting cash liquidity to cover the down-payment and interest payments.
    • Copy of the purchase contract (if applying for purchase financing).
    • Identity cards.
  3. Generally by the end of the day, Trusted Loan Corps will contact you to ensure receipt and follow up with any additional questions or missing items.

Once the loan is approved, disclosures are issued within 24 hours. Once disclosures are signed, the loan is then assigned to a Loan Officer, for processing and closing. The typical time frame for a loan to close is 10-14 days from when the loan is submitted. Deadline is close? Inform us to discuss a quick process.


As a regulation under the Truth in Lending Act, Trust Loan Corps will not issue final loan documents without having funds in place. Along with signed disclosures, the following items must be submitted to escrow:

  • Evidence of property insurance.
  • Mortgage statements or coupons on all loans against the property.
  • All information related to judgments any other liens against the property.
  • A copy of the Broker’s License from the referring agent.

That’s it. We take care of the rest. We want to keep the paperwork to a minimum. Our main concern is whether or not the property has the equity to meet our LTV guidelines. If a file is submitted properly the loan can close in as little as 10 days from the date of submission.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a hard money commercial loan.